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          The Da Tong village of my passion, my dear fellow, the Atayal people of my concerned, and my beloved in the land of every ethnic group who live. In this new homeland builds love and happiness together, because of your efforts and pay, are sharing with the great and proud moment, because of your identity and cohesion, are moving towards new and glorious page.

           Cheng-gung thanks folks trust me can be awarded for the services to their homeland, township government affairs is too complicated, such as the tidal influence of public opinion, we have the premise of the policy, when the public opinion, the public well-being of the primary, with action to pursue their visions, with efficiency beyond the self, with good faith to change history, with hopes to create the future.

          Great fellow ethnic diversity and cultural Distinct, after several hundred years fusion has evolved out of harmony and common prosperity of the new atmosphere, we will cherish this incomparable blessing and gift, and God has given this piece of paradise on the goodness of the subjects were. Success will come with his life belongs to us have all the care, so magnificent voices in song is always sung between the Castle Peak, so warm and colorful dance forever between green water flow.

          The way forward there must be hard, but if we join hands, it will certainly be more abundance results. History will eventually change, change is the share of heritage and innovation of the momentum, we are ready, we have ready to go, hope that the policy on the way, can listen to more applause, and hesitate to appropriate advice, so that transmission sustainability of the key to open the beautiful gorgeous future.

By Da Tong villager Country leader Chen Chenggung sincerely

The administration idea

  • Actively goes back to township government construction projects in order to promote the local economy.
  • Strengthen the tribal security measures, a safety would be jeopardized those who seek funding to build a disaster-prevention project to preserve the lives and property of the villagers.
  • Actively seek funding as soon as possible remediation Township Potential landslides areas and facilities such as rivers and embankment reinforcement, so that offer control of work are reaching consolidation.
  • Assist with the early resident of the original non-indigenous villagers Township towards Aboriginal reserve in total pre-registration for using some of the right to acquire, in order to break the principle of equity.
  • Implementation of the simple political convenience, simplifying and shortening the Lands business operating procedures in order to provide good quality of service.
  • Fight for agricultural resources, help farmers to promote agricultural diversification, production and marketing classes to help the organization seeking the establishment and seek marketing channels, creating sustainable business in the real estate.
  • Hongo beautiful waters with efforts to promote leisure agriculture, ecological maintenance and operation, in order to create opportunities for economic development in Hongo.
  • Actively promoting education and culture, the promotion of school facilities, teaching improvement, and actively promote the traditional historical and cultural activities, history and culture of the Atayal sustainable heritage.
  • Handled on a regular basis within the national language and mother tongue Township race, and to appropriate incentives, in addition to improving the villagers language skills, and to revitalize the tradition of the function of the mother tongue.
  • With the Aboriginal exam cram schools so as to assist with obtaining funding Hongo young people wishing to invest Township Government team and the workplace.
  • Creating a positive and progressive service team to provide dedicated services to the effectiveness of friendly villagers.