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  Within the boundaries of our village mountain high juicy, everywhere fills green Italy, the environment simple and elegant, the heavy mountain high mountains, the scenery beautiful, the really few air pollution and the noise make a big noise, everywhere beautiful spring day, amusement and rest resources crown to country-wide, the local resources are especially plentiful, has the characteristic, this amusement and rest resources enumerates as follows:
Villages The Lun Pi Village The Sung Lo Village The Ying Hsih Village The Nan Shan Village The Szu Chi Village The Mao An Village The Ta Ping Village The Le Shui Village The Fu Shin Village The Han Hsih Village
  • Han Hsi village: Ku Lu brook ecology garden area, Han Hsi shrine, Han Hsi hanging bridge, Han Hsi tribe humanities area.
  • Lung Pi village: Chiu Liao brook ecology garden area, the Lung Pi pond and Chung Ling the pond, the Datong elementary civilian travel botanical garden area, the community hunting totem and the relief, the Shan Wen Lin tourist home, the Tai Ya bridge.
  • Song Luo village: Travel of, the Yulan magnolia leisure agricultural region the pine Luohu (goes sightseeing tea garden), the Song Luo brook ecology capital source area.
  • Fu Hsing village: Ching Shui water geothermy, Niu Tou plant nursery, trout leisure area.
  • Ying Shih village: The Fan Fan brook hot spring, the community ecology footpath, the Ying Shih fruit tree goes sightseeing the area.
  • Le Shui village: Travel of, Le Shui tribe humanities area the cassiabarktree bamboo shoots ecology.
  • Ta Ping village: Chih Lan mountain village and the forest amusement and rest area, the Ta Ping Peak forest amusement and rest area, the Zenji hot spring and the forest amusement and rest area, the Tsuifeng lake.
  • Mao An village: Chia Lan vegetables specialized area, Mao An tribe humanities area.
  • Szu Chi village: Chia Lo lake travel of, Szu Chi platform vegetables specialized area, travel of Szu Chi tribe humanities area, the Szu Chung brooks ecology of the Luohu ecology, hinoki cypress travel of the ecology area.
  • Nan Shan village: the Szu Yuan Ya Ko view scenic area, the Nan Shan tribe humanities area.