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          In Le Shui was 1,946 established, the original name "Chao Shui village", governs has the Chih Now, the Ma Lung , Tung Lei, Fan Fan and so on four society, but Fan Fan society establishes the Ying Hsih village 1,971 on June 1,other three lanes still turned over to Le Shui, forms present the settlement condition.

           1,978, for changes this village external communication, the government paves Country Way the 51st way, builds toward the north from this village after the east to Niu Tou may link up the horizontal Yilan branch, seven third toward east Yi Lan and Luo Dung. May arrive the Ho Ping village toward the south after the Chih Nao lead to the Tai Ping forest amusement area, and can link up the Chia Yung to arrive at the Szu Chi, Nan Shan village and the Taichung country Ta Ping township. This 51st path open up the improvement after 84 year comprehensive implementation to finish greatly for improves this village external communication.