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historical evolution race group origin:

           The Da Tong village mostly is Tai Yat (tayal) the race original resident settlement, the tayal race is one of Taiwan original resident nationalities. The tayal race whether eternal truth Taiwan modern times scholar does mention belongs to Malaya to plant, perhaps the Japanese people thought the tayal race ancestor is sails across the seas by the Philippines migrates, which time also does the tayal race is move by where but waits for the question, still will wait studies the textual research in the future, but the oral traditions which and moved in view of ancestor's myth narrate.

The village clan distribution and origin situation:

           Studies according to the Japanese people from the history, the Tai Ya race ancestors live at first to the middle Mt. Da Ba Chien. But the Tai Ya race believe at the beginning of ancestors occupy mountain Ba Yang (upstream the Taichung country Meiji hot spring), the latter beginning moves at the Mt. Da Ba Chien, multiplys for the descendants seeks another means of livelihood, is toward the center country, north places such as country, Yilan. Our village original resident, one from Taichung country albizzia julibrissin piedmont Ta Li brook Bai Go; One from the Da Shan Ke ken brook upstream, (Chiao Ban mountain) sends here take the clan as the unit, it moves into the survey is:

tayal people
  • Nan'ao clan (klesan): From the Tachia brook upstream, moves Nan'ao of township Zhuoshuixi river the person to northeast, again north enters the Shiao Nan'ao basin, forms the Han Hsi, Da Yuan, Gu Lu, the Szu Fang Lin village counts four society, now for Han Hsi village.
  • Brook clan (mnibu): From the Tachia brook upstream, moves into the northeast Nan'ao township the Zhuoshuixi river circuitous Lan Yang plain to the Lan Yang brook basin. Another flies across the Be Nan the An Bu to Fan Fan, the Ma Lung
    , the Liu Mao An, the Szu Chi, Nan Shan and so on becomes the village, counts seven society, now the Ying Shih, the Le Shui, the Mao An, village and so on Szu Chi, Nan Shan.
  • Car O Yai clan (gogan): From the Taoyuan country the Da Shan Ke Ken brook upstream Mt. Chiao Ban , east to the Lan Yang brook branch Lung Pi Tzu brook basin and the Song Luo brook region, forms the Song Luo, the Lung Pi two society (now Song Luo, Lung Pi village).

           The Qing Dynasty time in 1884 (Guangxu 10), Liu Mingch'uan "proposed supervised supervises the Taiwan military affairs the post by former Chihli" to come the management war, gives the Fujian governor, followed orders arranges Taiwan Province after war. Must self-provide based on the funds, and for can plan the submarine cable which inside and outside the entire island is interlinked to deploy, Liu Mingch'uan take expands "quarries a mountain to caress aboriginal" the policy as a method, on the one hand offers amnesty the Taiwan original resident, another aspect lets the official involvement camphor enterprise the management, by sufficient military expenses.


           Because offers amnesty is take the military force as supporter, if does not abide, but strongly is engaged in. Specially is rich in the camphor the center north mountainous area, obviously assumes name of the development, the line conquers the reality to slaughter the battlefield. In 1885 (Guangxu 11) to 1889 (Guangxu 15), north Wu Lai came, to be Da Ke Ken, upstream the Lan Yang brook "Hsi Tou aboriginal " all once encounters the attack of Qing military.

           The Nan'ao war "The War of Kuang Li Ling " 1,889 to 1890 the most rank smell of blood fierce combat. But this campaign is Liu Mingch'uan nephew grandson Vice General Liu Ch'ao leads the valve brave 900 people by the Shiao Pi Nan pond (now Han Hsi village) to lead the way into the mountain. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty quarries a mountain to caress a policy, actually always is seeks chart of the development enterprise by the military force rank smell of blood event. In Qing Dynasty rule time original resident society and non- substantive positive construction.


           The Japanese rule time on April 17, 1895, the clear country and Japan signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki, Taiwan will cede gives Japan, said from the law, Taiwan will become Japanese from now on the new territory. The dominant initial period, the Japanese forces frequent military action, mainly aims at Han people's Taiwan flat land part. How as for colonizes the government to face the Taiwan original resident? The Governor-Hua Shan Tzu Chi proposed at that time about " wild aboriginal" the policy to instruct, has opening up and settle of the feeling main island, must first tamely aboriginal. Is by pacifies caresses primarily receives the result.

         May know from Hu instruction, a date ability initial period, the base by passes the Qing Dynasty time Chinese aboriginal relations cognition, understood in opens up and settle under the goal, had ingenious processing and the original resident's relations, colonizing designs in the administrative system "to caress the cultivating bureau government system" aims at the original resident's life region.

        Opening up and settle of as for why does the main island, have first tamely to aboriginal"? Japanese people Shui Yehtsun in (a Taiwan administration spot, reorganizes Japanese people to land from May 29 to August 31 administers report) center, breeds produces under the item " The nurture of aboriginal" to have the detailed explanation:

   The education aboriginal are my government's responsibility, the development aborigina are the raise plenty resourse important matter, manufacture, the wooded mountain management, the forest the Chinese catalpa brain wild open up wasteland, increment, the mine development the agricultural production, moving of regarding the inland person, with aboriginal concerns all. Enterprise of the Taiwan future will need to look in aboriginal, if will start the enterprise in the mountainous region, first will have to cause aboriginal the people to obey my government, will have to cause aboriginal people obeying, will eliminate uses the prestige exception, simultaneously will have to serve with the nurture policy. The date governs the initial period to suppose a Nan'ao hall, the series imperial Yilan area the original resident. In 1930 (the Republic of China nine years) changes suppose the Taipei state commanded nine country. This village is Luo Tungchun, gets down supposes 13 society, has jurisdiction by the police class respective minute room.

           Recovers time 1,945 Taiwan to recover supposes the peaceful township, this village supposes governs when at the beginning of governs five villages, initially is Luo Tungch'u to have jurisdiction by the Taibei country, 1949 changes affilliate north peak area bureau. 1,950 entire provincial banks politics region adjustment, Yilan supposes the country, this village also independently supposes the township, commands seven villages (now is ten villages) respectively be the Han Hsi, Song Luo, the Cho Shui (now for Le Shui village), the Tu Chang (and for Ta Ping), Ta Ping, the Szu Chi, Be Nan (now for the Nan Shan village) and so on the village. Turns round in 1,958 in July because the township name and the Taichung country peaceful township of the same name, for is advantageous for the discrimination, by the provincial government checked changes the name to continue to use for the Da Tong village till now.